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Mirna LópezI recommend them 100% because you guys do an amazing job!
Thank you for disinfecting my COVID-19 house and cleaning my houses.

Mirna López

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Thank you so much, Powerful Cleaning for taking care of my office !!! I use my office with my family I was worried that it was not safe for them. Now I feel at peace. This uncertain time keeps me very worried.

David Gonzalez

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They disinfected my sister’s office as I asked them and it was a very good service provided. Not only felt clean and safe but smelled really good afterwards. Recommend!

Awakiga Brand

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Great people ! Friendly and their service is off the hook .. highly recommend if you know or have someone who just recovered from Covid and want to disinfect .
Isaac Alvarado

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Great Service!!! Prices are the Best!!!
disinfecting Covid19,.. God Bless & Protect You guys!
Bry Carl

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